THREE things I’ve enjoyed recently.

ONE. Objectified (documentary) by Gary Hustwit. The fun and beauty of design. The (tragic?) impermanence of the best dreamed up of creations. Landfills piled high with the next greatest thing, turned to yesterdays news a second after it’s materialized. The turn towards sustainability pairing with those dreams. Good stuff.

TWO. This: the liturgists (specifically the second song.) Chris and I went to one of Gungor’s Liturgist’s concert tour last night. I personally had no idea what I was in for. It just may have been the most beautiful “concert” I’ve ever been to. Perhaps a better way to state it is as, the most beautiful worship I’ve ever been a part of, really. It was borderline sacred. Lisa Gungor talked about her and her husband Michael visiting cathedrals and how the architecture was, in and of itself, intended to make your eyes rise upward. Step inside any old cathedral, and you’ll know it’s true. Even the priest is off to the side. He/She is not the biggest deal there. Well, they are not architecturally designed to be so, in any case. All the churches I’ve ever been a part of have had the pastor and worship band center stage, always. I’ve discussed with quite a few people how I don’t necessarily feel WORSHIP in a corporate way on a Sunday morning.

Likewise, any christian concert has the band center stage. When Gungor (the band) went behind a curtain to play and invited us to be a part of it all… well, I thought it was weird at first and then perfect. I felt worship there last night, with a whole bunch of other people. Unheard of for me.

THREE. Spring is almost here. An hour closer. Pretty soon it won’t have to be put in a Ball jar to enjoy. Can you feel it?



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