All about the HAIR again

I’m at the start of my fourth week of this process. That whole “my hair is awesome and not at all greasy” is a thing of the past. It was a short lived perk that made it just past week one. After I wrote my week one post, the very next time I washed my hair with the baking soda + apple cider vinegar combo, I started to dread this whole transition phase I had read about. So, it’s official, I’m not one of the lucky ones that LOVES this no shampoo thing in a short period of time.

In desperate attempts for inspiration, almost every day, I did more casual research (aka googled the crap out of it) to remind myself that it would get better… eventually. Also, I was experiencing more hair than normal falling out in the shower. Not cool.

Before I started this, I had read a couple of blogs talking about the bad involved with using baking soda on your scalp/hair. There were only a handful of the nay-sayers in a sea of all the people PRO it, so I didn’t give it much weight and decided to forge ahead nonetheless. The hair falling out was enough to freak me out to look into it (google) some more. While most wouldn’t say that baking soda was the cause of my hair spazzing out like that, there was just too much (hair more prone to be over-dry/break through time, hair color lightening, PH balance issues with your scalp) that has made me leery enough to steer clear. I know. I only used it twice. I didn’t really give it a chance. But if I can find something to clean my hair without all that happening through time, why not.

I’ve officially nixed the baking soda and apple cider vinegar route. I found this amongst my searches and decided to give it a go. LOVE IT. I’ve used it three times so far. Definitely more of an investment (with the aloe, specifically) than the cheap ingredients before. I’m rationalizing that with washing much less, it will still be a big money saver in the end. Washing with Aloe and Coconut Milk has completely nixed out any need for the apple cider vinegar to detangle/condition. Also, it smells great!

That being said, my hair is still greasy like no other. It’s a different texture all together than what I’m used to. My husb swears that it doesn’t look greasy, regardless of how it feels. Here’s a couple photos to track progress:



(this is the third day of no “washing”. i’ve been getting it wet every day.)

Another thing I’ve decided against is that whole brushing thing. Full disclosure though: I’ve never really spent any amount of time brushing my hair, ever. On top of more hair coming out than normal, I was noticing more baby hairs around my face. This was something I was hoping would completely stop, in steering clear of the flat iron. Seeing more was disheartening. I think it was a combo of that baking soda wash and brushing with a dense bristle brush. The whole point of brushing (or using a BBB) is to move sebum from the top of your scalp to the ends of your hair. I think I can do that just fine with basically finger combing my hair. Many people swear by that whole brushing thing. It just doesn’t do jack for my hair type. 

I feel like I’m relearning how to handle my hair. At this point, it feels strange and kinda wonderful, when it isn’t greasy. Everything I thought I understood about it, has completely changed. My hair tends to spiral more than haphazardly curl. My experience has been that, if I don’t leave my hair alone while it’s drying, bad Don-King-like things will happen. Now, the more I play with it after showering, the better it is. When I leave it alone, it feels frizzy and nasty greasy. When I finger comb it and continue to move it around while it dries, it feels soft and silky. Weird. It’s been a sort of retraining myself on how to deal with my own hair again. Also, haven’t used a curling iron since the second week in. There hasn’t been any need.

From what I’ve read, weeks four and five seem to a turning point for lots of ladies. Given the progress I’ve seen so far, I really can’t wait. 




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