el pollo loco

     pi-yo. oh. my goodness. So i took a new class with a couple of friends last night, and reassured them beforehand that it’d be fiiine. Not too tough. No problem. Yeah, well…  my butt has been officially kicked. It is not at all what i thought it would be (a nice simple combo of pilates & yoga). Maybe because it’s listed as a “power pi-yo” class?? Perhaps. Although, i shouldn’t have assumed since i’ve never taken pi-yo before. It was kinda reminscent of what the fusion pilates class was like before my hero teacher got too far pregnant… ‘cept there were weights and balancing while moving weights and serious need for coordination and near death experiences. It was fantastic. i think i understand how to hold plank better. No instructor has ever mentioned to have the inner sides of the elbows facing forward. So… i think this makes up for not having gone to pilates this week. & i fully intend to go back to el pollo loco next week. (Kate referred to the class as pollo (po-yo) instead of pi-yo :))