i am not destroyed. This teacher last night was s’posed to utterly defeat me. Hm. Well then. i did enjoy the class — even though her music was generic techno-beat repetition — probably specifically made for gym classes. You could hear people counting off behind the music 1, 2, 3, 4. It was awful. On the good side of things, she incorporated more yoga into it along with some classic pilates form (ie. pointing the toes out at a V with heels touching when doing ab/leg work) which makes everything harder (in my world.)

     Hardest thing for last night would have to be a series of side planks she led us through. i can’t remember all the tech terms, but i’ll try to e’splain. Starting out in regular plank,  shifting to side plank with one arm extended straight up to the ceiling; reaching that same arm out towards the front of the room, then back up, followed by something every teacher has called “thread the needle” :  (taking that free arm and raising your hips to reach underneath and point your fingertips to the opposite side you’re facing.) After that, reaching that free arm back straight up again, then transferring weight back to plank, do a push-up and transfer everything over to the other side. So basically, a TON of work for that one arm holding up the majority of your weight through all that. i wussed out and modified a majority of my side-planks. Maybe that’s why i’m not destroyed…



     i got there a half hour early (it’s kinda tragic that i can be early to things that don’t really matter and i’m always late for the things that, relatively speaking, do) and set my mat down, then went to go get a drink and guess who i saw teaching TBC…

     unbelievable. D.S.P². Apparently i made it for her official last Tuesday night class (because psh, who cares if the doc told her ‘take it easy’ two weeks ago). She’s said she’ll be back in June and didn’t sound too confident about the new temp teacher for Tuesdays.  Great. Well, at least she’ll be back. However, apparently if i go next week, D.S.P² set up a teacher, the director of that location, who apparently will destroy me. oh. ok. bring it. (i say that now… but uhhh… ha, just wait)

     my biggest challenge for last night? She led us through i think four or five series : starting off in downward dog, lowering down to plank, then chaturanga, upward dog and back to downward dog again. Each position slow, controlled and holding them for a certain amount of time (aka forever). My arms were close to death by chaturagna specifically. It was great… in hindsight.

Comptine d’un autre été: L’après-midi

     i always get there early because i know it’s a packed class. Half an hour early is usually my standard. This gives me a solid 15 minutes to sit in childs pose or a variation of it and close my eyes and try to not think of anything in a more often than not, empty room (aside from those coming in and dropping off their mats and leaving again.) i luff it.

     A new, but familiar to me, teacher came in last night. A few years ago when i finally gave in to letting some awful shin splints and ankle problems rest, i tried some pilates for the first time. This lady was the teacher. She announced last night that D.S.P² teacher had gone to the doctor earlier that day and was told that she needed to take it easy. So this is the beginning of new pilates teacher(s). Bummer. However! i like this one. She’s extremely knowledgable about pilates. i swear she gave us a history lesson last night. She doesn’t go nutty with repetitions; this is nice and she gets us to pay attention to form – which, as i see it, is what makes everything work. Her music isn’t as fun as D.S.P² teacher’s, but she gets huge points for playing Yan Tiersen’s music from Amelie!

     Afterwards i asked her if she was going to be the main fill-in and she said that D.S.P² teacher hasn’t planned on taking too much time off (cuz she’s wonderwoman) but that she would not be the main fill-in because she teaches religion on Tuesday evenings. i don’t know what that means, and i got more curious about it after i walked away, so i’ll have to ask her another time. In any case, she said to request “Deb” (that’s her) to teach more at that location, cuz i told her i enjoyed her class. In the meantime, i guess next Tuesday will be a mystery surprise.

     p.s. still totally rockin’ inversions :) Apparently you work the same muscles if you do a roll-up.


     She played Damien Rice & Rusted Root last night. So good. A different lady last night was next to me doing inversions with her hands behind her head. This lady looked much friendlier than the other one, so at the end of class i asked her how long she’d been doing inversions for. She told me she’d been taking the class for six weeks and my jaw dropped. Not fair. i told her how difficult they were for me and made excuses like, well maybe if i took more than one class a week i’d have better strength in it. Then she gave me some tips, such as when i’m lowering my body back out of the pose to hold my stomach muscles in to have smoother control in it. She also said, “This may sound weird, but i think it’s easier for me because i was blessed with my fathers body.”  She was older than me, but much narrower. My hips are the arch nemesis’ against inversions… but i’m not givin’ up! ¡Viva La Revolución de la inversion!


     sad sad news… D.S.P² teacher announced Tuesday night that she only has four more weeks that she can teach. i s’pose i shoulda been preparing myself for this, since i knew she was pregnant when i started taking her class. It still blows me away that she’ll be teaching it into her eighth month. As far as i know, she’s still teaching a hip-hop class right before the pilates one. As i said before, if i ever get pregnant, when i grow up, i wanna be something like her.

     On top of this, she can no longer do fusion pilates and only the regular kind because she said the last class that she tried to teach as a fusion she felt like she had “popped something, like her baby was gonna come out!” Yikes. So, she led us through a regular pilates class Tues. night which, just isn’t as fun. Her music and personality are awesome so the class was still good anyhow. i feel a need to pick up the weekend pilates she teaches while she’s still around. Who knows what the new teacher will be like.

     Inversions are still a GO for me! i won’t say it’s bridged over to being “easy” but i’m still impressed i can do ’em. There was a lady on my right who could do them with her arms crossed in front of her. uhm… i want to be able to do that. i wanted to ask her how long it took for her to build up her strength to master that, but she didn’t look friendly and i chickened out.


     D.S.P² teacher is seven-flippin’ months pregnant now & still teaching her class with ease. What.

     There were two new ladies in the class last night who made it well-known that they were new, (otherwise i wouldn’t have known.) The lady who rolled out her mat next to mine wanted to know everything – from “Do you sweat in this class?” to “Do you hang your mat out to dry to clean it?” Yes, i found this all entertaining. AND i think D.S.P² teacher took it easier on us because of it… although she mentioned something about the full-moon being the reason, while encouraging us at the same time, to run home later on and weigh ourselves to because the gravitational pull would manipulate our weight to something lighter and make us feel better. :)

     Anyhow, i didn’t feel like crying even once! Progress.

     i would like to state one main achievement (aside from not wanting to cry) — last night, for the first time, i was able to do, what she calls “inversions” for the full time we did them. This must mean that either my butt is getting smaller or my abs are getting stronger. Ideally i’d like to think it’s both. So “inversions” are, just to spell it out, the equivalent of doing the plow pose in yoga, but without using your arms/hands to push you up over and without touching your feet to the ground. In doing one complete inversion, you’d start on your back with legs straight, feet up towards the ceiling. From there, with arms/hands down on the mat, you use your stomach muscles to pull you up and over into that plow position and then slowly back out to how you started. We do multiple inversions in class and i’ve never been able to keep at it without putting some serious strain on my arms. i surprised myself.

     i’ve only had one week break from pilates (due to that little road trip) but i’ve had two weeks break from yoga. If i don’t do them both on the same night, it seems i run out of options of when to get there for an extra class. That may be due to bad time management. …if only i were a morning runner.


     Drill Sergeant Pregnant Pilates teacher (D.S.P² teacher) was on crack last night. i’m definitely stronger than my first go at pilates, but after about five sequences of holding plank in different variations, i wanted to cry. Some girls were talking during one of the moves and D.S.P² teacher said, “hey, if you can talk right now, you’re not working hard enough,” and a girl in the back shouted out “Shut up!” i’m thinking she thought for sure that we’d all get punished for two girls chattin’ it up. i have a good (whacked?) sense of humor, so i think this is all highly entertaining, while still fully wanting to collapse.

     D.S.P² teacher told us that she was going to take it a little easier than the rest of us because she taught THREE pilates classes the day before. Three. Seriously? Three. This is just a theory, but i’m pretty sure she’s partly bionic.

     Oh, something annoying — i’m pretty sure women come to the studio an hour beforehand to put mats down. It’s insane. i’ll get there a half hour early, thinking that that’ll be good to get a spot, and it’s already packed. Ridiculous. They need to knock out a wall and make those studios much bigger.

     i decided to try a new yoga class this week (tonight). Nothing against Tracy — she’s a good balance to have after D.S.P². Those two classes back2back are polar opposites – attitude wise. i think Tracy would fully encourage curling up in a ball in the corner, if that’s what made you feel good in her class. i want to see what else is out there for a standard yoga class and it may be real good to have the balance of pilates and yoga being broken up into more than just one day a week. We’ll see…


     So my pilates teacher is six months pregnant. She says that pilates makes the baby fall asleep and the hip hop class she teaches right before pilates, has her wide awake and active. i wish i could take a picture of my face here to show what i think of this because i’m at a loss for words… i’ll just say, i’m wicked impressed.

     Even though it’s only my second time doing this, i’m glad i started trying this whole pilates/yoga night. i know yoga is good for me, but i wouldn’t classify it under the “having fun” category. Pilates however, is a lot of fun! i don’t remember it being so before, but i’m guessing it’s because this particular class has the word “fusion” at the end of it. It works more to the beat of the music she plays — which, by the way, is pretty wonderful by my standards, if that means anything. :)  Within her mix (which i wish i had) she played Lauryn Hill AND Israel Kamikazi’wookiewhoa (k, so i’m lazy to look up the spelling to his last name and i know there’s no way i’d get close, so… i’ll correct that later… maybe). i got excited when Israel came on and a lady two spots over groaned, “this guy sure is butchering this song!” Psh.

     Anyhow, the class was great. i suck at pilates. My muscles just are not there yet, but i’m finding push-ups aren’t so hard anymore and my upper-body strength, in general seems to be getting mucho better. i’ll attribute that to both pilates and yoga. Plus, i have weak ankles, and i’m finding that yoga is helping me with that somehow.

     Last night, i slept like a rock. It. Felt. Ahmazing.

     last night marked my first go at that whole i’m-nuts-and-i’ll-stay-in-the-same-studio-for-two-hours deal. Actually, that doesn’t sound that nuts… i don’t think so anyway. Pilates, with the noticeably pregnant instructor was first, followed by yoga. This is my fourth week of yoga and i’m not really feeling it the next day anymore. i don’t know if that’s “good” or “bad” but, personally i’d like to to feel somethin’. Maybe that’d change if i took it more than just one day a week. Anyway, pilates…. it’s been a while since i’ve taken a pilates class. i think i tried it initially a while ago, when i had an injury that prohibited me from running. It kicked my butt back then aaand, it still does. If someday, i get pregnant, when i grow up, i wanna be like that instructor. i’m pretty sure she could hold plank for three times as long as i could… and i don’t have a human being growing in my stomach. ridiculous. i was shaking a bit by the end of the class and all my muscles were internally crying out (in 3-part harmony) “why”. The one big noticeable plus, was that my flexibility from the start of yoga was awesome. Because of that whole internal crying thing, it definitely made the class more challenging, in just trying to hold a pose for any length of time, which i s’pose is good since i guess i wanted more of challenge, in a way. And i even got a prime spot for the yoga class! i can’t know for sure if it was the spot i set my mat or the girl next to me, but some lady was not a happy camper to not get her normal place. i walked away for a minute to get a drink and when i came back, the girl next to me was actually considering giving up her mat placement so the disgruntled-lady could have it. psh.oh.please. Some women at the gym are so so very silly.

     So… i’m sincerely considering giving this pow-wow thing a more long-term consistent shot. It’s only one night… so why not? For the record, i definitely feel it today. Even the backs of my knees hurt… what is that called? Maybe eenk? My eenks are killin’ me. Oh! & i got my wiggity wack replacement card until the new one comes in. Apparently last night i used my words real well. Mom English professors would be proud. i only had to talk to one girl behind the desk this go around. It may have had something to do with the $5 i brought in with me tho…..