RwG “power outage” chip timing malfunction? UNacceptable!

ha. k, so… other than feeling mildly jipped on the official time they did give me, i’m really not upset. i wonder how many runners are. G&T says,

The timing company had a major issue losing power at 49:49 and not restoring it until 1:13:47 into the race. Fortunately, we did have a video at the finish which will allow them to reconstruct some of the results for those whose bib #’s were visible.

When i looked up at the end it was 0:50:57. But maybe that last two feet over the line took me longer than i thought it did. Oh & uh.. the chick who came in right before me certainly did not appear to be only 13 (as the race results indicate). Anyhow, so yeah, i did what has become my traditional Thanksgiving Day race this year and as usual, it felt great! The official log shows me coming in at 0:51:06, with an average of 0:08:15 min/mile. Placing 308 out of 912 runners. &Entire listing for age class/gender results is MIA.

Last year looked like this:  → i placed 16 out of 54 for my age class + 415 out of 934 runners. Finish time → 0:53:16 + pace of → 8:36 per mile.

2008 (the first yr i ran it): →  i placed 24 out of 47 for my age class + 572 out of 886 runners. Finish time → 0:57:51 + pace of → 09:19 per mile.

i’m gonna say it’s age making me better. It is the only rational thing i can think of. Prior to this race, i can’t remember the last time i’ve run over 6 miles steady. It’s been literally months. Tattoo sessions + daylight savings kinda tripped me up. Although, since daylight savings hit, i’ve found a new appreciation for intervals. i think i have a general goal for next year: i’d REALLY like to get under 50 minutes. The top girl in my age group came in at 41:21 (6:40 per mile) & the overall lady came in 35:01 (5:39 per mile).


boot camp

dear (greece RAC instructor) Jen,

you’re insane. your classes are amazing. i can’t keep up with you. i lose the step about 70 times per one hour class but you make it so much fun it doesn’t even matter. i may be able to run 10 miles but your classes kill me in a whole’nother way. i die. i. die. & it’s sooooo goooood.

so thank you (x3)! 


It’s been a while since i’ve taken a Pilates/Yoga/Pi-Yo.. anything. Last night there was a plan to take Pi-Yo with Jen, but that turned into taking a Boot Camp class instead. For the record, i was a bit apprehensive going into it, cuz i’ve seen the tail end of it before and saw the people absolutely drenched coming out of it. i knew it was gonna be unlike classes i have taken. And it was. And i luffed it. i don’t know how she teaches Boot Camp & Pi-Yo back2back. i think she may be on speed. It’s my goal to get to the point where i can do those two back2back. Currently, it’s an impossibility for my body …but i’m sure with a little effort, it won’t be. i think it’s official – i really like taking classes. i never thought i was that kind of gym-goer, but when the instructor is good, and the energy is high and the music doesn’t suck, it puts me in a ridiculous happy mood. i gotta make a point to take more classes, in general.

oh p.s. while i’m at this whole fitness post thing — it’s AUGUST! Time for a running calender update:

I always loved running… it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs.

– Jesse Owens

i kinda feel like running turns into a power-hungry, army of one thing for me sometimes. Running is good, but that is not.

Goals for JULY were: at least two early morning runs, as in awake by 5am — (laughably fail); run more hills — (uhh.. fail); run at least one double-digit mileage — (i got in one 10-miler finally!!)

i inadvertantly hit another feat by reaching a grand total of 121.2 miles. i added this a few times to make sure it was right.. and it is. My prior furthest in a month was back in April w/ 114.1 miles. huzzah!

so Goals for AUGUST? hm. One double digit run and try to make my standard runs 8 miles, rather the 7 that i fell into last month.


     Most interesting encounter award (while running this month) goes to Max. So i’m at the park last night, sitting on a picnic table, tying my sneakers & getting ready to go for a run, when Max pulls up on his bike. i don’t know him but it’s clear he’s got something to say. After some concern about leaving his bike chained to the bench and some other small talk wherein he introduced himself, i ask him if he’s training for something, since he’s made a point to say how he’s trying to get in shape and is going to do the fit course at the park. He says, “nope, just wanna be in shape. i do kung foo and parkour.” Of course. They go hand in hand.

     Here is where, any normal person who knows what parkour is, would think of people doing the crazy flips and stunts off of random objects… which for the record i did think of those things, but ultimately i thought of this Relevant podcast episode, where they played a game of worst case scenario. Except these weren’t all necessarily life-threatening situations. They threw in some highly awkward ones as well. Jesse decided that the best way to get out of most of the scenarios reasonably & safely would be to yell PARKOUR! and then go for it. i’ve never seen the episode, but i’m pretty sure that Jesse was referencing The Office. Either way, it was hilarious. Just for example, one of the situations was Q: “you’re on the worst date ever. what do you do to get out of it?” A: “PARKOUR!”

     It took everything in me to not giggle when he said he parkours. This is not a “sport” you laugh at. You are only allowed to be in awe of it, while in the presence of a true parkourer, right? Truly, while being highly amused, i was kinda impressed. So i said, “wow! parkour? really?! That’s kinda insane.” and he was impressed that i knew what it was — enough to show me his skill by parkouring over the picnic table. ha!

This qualifies as a weird but good running experience.


it’s officially a james brown morning. Speaking of which, i’m missing all of SYTYCD this year… how sad. i wonder if that can be purchased in seasons.

so i realize i haven’t updated anything goal-running-oriented in a few months now. oops. May was the last time i did a double-digit run. i’ve gone out with the intent to do so since then a few times, but never made it further than ~ 8, cuz… i dunno why — maybe temp/humidity/poor diet? Whatever the reason, it sucks. Considering that in April, i casually slipped into ten milers somewhat easily, it bums me out a little bit. Anyway… quick run thru of stats: MAY — [total distance:  104.8] (# of runs:  16) [furthest mileage @ one go:   11.5] JUNE — [total distance:  85] (# of runs:  14) [furthest mileage:   8.5] GOALS : [MAY — to get rid of the office plague (check.) to beat my furthest double-digit run (check.)] [JUNE — to be a lazy bum w/ no goal. :/ (check.)]

My goals for this month? Do a double digit run again + get up @ 5am to run at least twice (basically a miracle) + run more hills. i won’t go back through the tips from the prior months, but i will quote this months.

Five benefits of hill training: 1) Helps develop power and muscle flexibility, 2) Provides mental training by stimulating the cardiovascular pain that you will feel at the end of a 5k or 10k, 3) Develops coordination,  encourages the proper use of arms during the driving phase, 4) Develops control and stabilization as well as improved speed (from downhill running), and 5) Improves stride length and frequency.

oh&p.s. in other running related news – i saw Run Fatboy Run for the first time this past weekend. kinda.sorta.”loved”.it.



  •      i went Orienteering for the first time this past weekend! i’m pretty sure it’s close enough to official, that even with a map & compass, i could still easily get lost not find the “right” way. A friend and i did one course above what little kids do…. so, i don’t think there are really any good excuses honestly, other than we’re both kinda new to it. Rachel and i checked in to start just a couple minutes before a small pack of young boys with their dad, on the same course. i thought for sure they’d pass us asap, but somewhow we managed to stay in front of ’em up until the second to last checkpoint, where we got off track, found the marker in a very roundabout way, then doubled back to see where we initially lost the way. There are so many applicable metaphors and analogies that could go with Orienteering and life and faith… but i will hold myself back right….. here. Overall, it was good fun, and i’d luff to and will probably go again.


  •      i watched Betty White on SNL! While i love her… …man, SNL is straight up awful. That show is packed with cheap crude humor and little else. i watched it on hulu and felt the need to FFWD through quite a bit. i don’t remember it being that way. Is that the kind of stuff that gets big laughs? really?! (i gotta say, i enjoyed the political humor, but that’s the only way i like politics anyhow.) There is such a thing as a subtle humor that has nothing to do with sexual innuendos, that exceeds hilarity on all levels, far over and above what SNL does. i think it’s safe to say, i’ll likely never watch it again.


  •      i ran my first 11.5 miler of the year, last Thursday! My standard run is up to 7 miles now. i’m getting bored with location though… not that i don’t meet up with some interesting people there, cuz i do. The older lady (another runner) who never used to acknowledge me at all, now does smile and say hello. i frequently bump into an older couple that like to walk around the park, who have always been friendly and encouraging whenever i run by them. And yesterday, i received applause from a different older couple when i passed by them for the third time. Very funny. :) i think i enjoy the random connections with strangers almost as much as the running.


     uh… so… i was circled by vultures while running last night. Three to be exact. That’s a first. i’ve been challenged by deer, narrowly escaped run-in’s with Canadian mafia geese, seen many cute little animals — squirrels, chipmunks, baby ducks, lost boy scouts; not to mention a couple snakes here and there, but vultures?! i’ve never even seen any in person before.

they. are. biiig. birds. 

& u-g-l-y. Yet surprisingly beautiful in flight. Once i figured out what they were, i said, “i’m alive! i’m alive!” ha. Seriously tho, i did. Even waved my arms around to look as much alive as possible. Yup, i probably looked crazy. They hovered much too close for my liking & i imagined a Hitchcock scene happening and wondered how does one fight off three vultures? Nevermind that national geographic doesn’t depict them as confrontational animals. i have an overactive imagination. So, it’s a circle i was running around and when i looped back around, they were perched in one of the trees on the side of the path. A mom was taking pictures of them with her phone while her little girl was kneeling down, seemingly uninterested in them & more interested in drawing squiggly lines with her pointer finger on the ground. i dunno. i don’t think i’d stand in awe of the big ominous lookin’ birdies with my little girl. Suuure, i know they apparently only go after dead things… right? But still.


     As of yesterday, i officially reached my “running goal” for this month! i am shocked at myself. i won’t make any broad proclamations of what will happen with the next half of this month, but it’s fun to set goals when you surpass them.


     i swear i have more ‘religous experiences’; ‘holy moments’; straight up worship, when i’m by myself than when i’m in a group. It’s kinda troubling when it seems there should more of that in church… but i think that’s my own dysfunction. Coming over that hill yesterday on sunset, this song shuffled into play and right foot in front of the other was no longer running but worship. Something set apart, void of any distraction. Easter felt cold and distracted, when i think it should be anything but that. This is the closest to sacred ritual i got.

Who can hold the stars
And my weary heart?
Who can see everything?

I’ve fallen so hard
Sometimes I feel so far
But not beyond your reach

I could climb a mountain
Swim the ocean
Or do anything
But it’s when you hold me
That I start unfolding
And all I can say is

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Whatever’s in front of me
Help me to sing hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Whatever’s in front of me
I’ll choose to sing hallelujah

The same sun that
Rises over castles
And welcomes the day

Spills over buildings
Into the streets
Where orphans play

And only you can see the good
In broken things
You took my heart of stone
And you made it home
And set this prisoner free

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Whatever’s in front of me
Help me to sing hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Whatever’s in front of me
I’ll choose to sing hallelujah



Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.

 ~Jules Renard

     i wonder how they picked quotations for this calender. Was there a hat involved? Saturday i hit a double digit run for the first time this year! Sunday i figured out a way to combine the park i like running for three miles + another three miles outside of it so that it’s not all pavement and hill running. i feel accomplished about that. i don’t know why six miles seems to be my standby for a “good run”. Maybe because that’s how far i usually made it along the canal. Yesterday’s run was particularly good because it just so happened to have been timed well with sunset. Coming up over top of one of the hills, the sun was facing me – big and bright and cool – on the horizon. It was perfect.

     Running hills makes me wonder… what’s the etiquette for that? Normally you run against traffic (so, on the left) right? But with hills, seems trickier with blind spots. Not that i follow the normal etiquette anyhow. i stay on the side where i have to make my turn so that i don’t have to cross traffic, if at all possible. The hills i’m running have little room on the side. There’s no sidewalk; just a small space between the white line and a drop off into a ditch. So far, there’s been no problem, but people go fast on those back roads and i’m guessing it’s not exactly “safe” for a runner.

     Just to re-cap, last month i had a total 15 runs and 70.4 miles. My goal for this month will be to have at least three double-digit runs. That’s a good goal right? This months “tip” talks about yoga. Go figure, i haven’t gone to a class since the hello-kitty gloves and pink camo lady. Not that i know anything about “synovial fluids” but …maybe i should check out another class again.

     Yoga is valuable cross-training for runners, especially for injury prevention. It elimates the cause of pains like that from tendinitis by increasing muscle length, reducing the tendon tension, and promoting the synovial fluid secretions that lubricate the tendon. Yoga also increases your understanding of how your body works, how certain muscles work against others, and how to selectively engage and release muscles with a fine resolution control.


     i am pleased to announce that as of last night, i reached my “at least 70 miles” goal this month! i skipped pilates for the first time in …uh… a while, just so that i could make sure i’d reach it. And it happened on two landmark events – the first day of Passover & the ending episode of watching the first season of Gilmore Girls (again).

     Ok, Passover is more important, but it’s just funny how i happened to end the DVD season by running my goal of 70. i really wonder sometimes how much of sense of humor God has in the midst of desiring reverance from us. Sometimes i think i may go too far over invisible limits, but then after a few moments of not being struck dead, i think i must still be okay. That’s probably an ignorant attitude, eh?

     Originally i had wanted to attend a Seder meal, but the day snuck up on me. i knew of one going on that i was invited to, but i would have had to of driven 45 minutes to get to it. Even tho i would’ve luffed it, the thought of driving that distance two days in a row was, sadly enough, too much for me.