Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.

 ~Jules Renard

     i wonder how they picked quotations for this calender. Was there a hat involved? Saturday i hit a double digit run for the first time this year! Sunday i figured out a way to combine the park i like running for three miles + another three miles outside of it so that it’s not all pavement and hill running. i feel accomplished about that. i don’t know why six miles seems to be my standby for a “good run”. Maybe because that’s how far i usually made it along the canal. Yesterday’s run was particularly good because it just so happened to have been timed well with sunset. Coming up over top of one of the hills, the sun was facing me – big and bright and cool – on the horizon. It was perfect.

     Running hills makes me wonder… what’s the etiquette for that? Normally you run against traffic (so, on the left) right? But with hills, seems trickier with blind spots. Not that i follow the normal etiquette anyhow. i stay on the side where i have to make my turn so that i don’t have to cross traffic, if at all possible. The hills i’m running have little room on the side. There’s no sidewalk; just a small space between the white line and a drop off into a ditch. So far, there’s been no problem, but people go fast on those back roads and i’m guessing it’s not exactly “safe” for a runner.

     Just to re-cap, last month i had a total 15 runs and 70.4 miles. My goal for this month will be to have at least three double-digit runs. That’s a good goal right? This months “tip” talks about yoga. Go figure, i haven’t gone to a class since the hello-kitty gloves and pink camo lady. Not that i know anything about “synovial fluids” but …maybe i should check out another class again.

     Yoga is valuable cross-training for runners, especially for injury prevention. It elimates the cause of pains like that from tendinitis by increasing muscle length, reducing the tendon tension, and promoting the synovial fluid secretions that lubricate the tendon. Yoga also increases your understanding of how your body works, how certain muscles work against others, and how to selectively engage and release muscles with a fine resolution control.



     There was the most uniquely beautiful sunrise this morning. i saw it coming off of 490 – this intense ray of orange shooting straight upward from the horizon. It looked like someone had turned on a colossal flood light far off in the distance. i forget the sun exists in this season… even only a day after i see it.

     So i went to yoga last night at one of the mixed guy/girl locations. The yoga teacher, a tiny little thing, walked in with a green cowboy hat on, pink camo pants, hello kitty gloves, and a boombox. Oh & she had to have been in her 60’s. First impressions would tell me, this is going to be a great class (no, i’m not being sarcastic) — but alas… no.

     The way that she transitioned from one move to the next left me unsteady and actually made my ankles hurt. Maybe my balance needs improvement, but i feel like there are much better ways to move through poses. A guy came up afterwords to tell me he was envious of my balance, which made me laugh. Clearly he needs his eyes checked cuz i was very shaky & even had to break poses a few times. She only went through a true sun-salutation twice and did something with a runners lunge way too many times.

     All that being said, she did a few moves i’ve never done before — one i really liked (can’t think of what the name of it was. i’ll look it up later.) She also did one that i forgot how much i like — shoulder stand. Although, i don’t think it’s a full shoulder stand. i have never not used my arms to brace my back upward.

     So Tracy still tops the list. But i’ll try a different one next week anyhow, if possible.

     ending note: my ankle hurts. :(


     Drill Sergeant Pregnant Pilates teacher (D.S.P² teacher) was on crack last night. i’m definitely stronger than my first go at pilates, but after about five sequences of holding plank in different variations, i wanted to cry. Some girls were talking during one of the moves and D.S.P² teacher said, “hey, if you can talk right now, you’re not working hard enough,” and a girl in the back shouted out “Shut up!” i’m thinking she thought for sure that we’d all get punished for two girls chattin’ it up. i have a good (whacked?) sense of humor, so i think this is all highly entertaining, while still fully wanting to collapse.

     D.S.P² teacher told us that she was going to take it a little easier than the rest of us because she taught THREE pilates classes the day before. Three. Seriously? Three. This is just a theory, but i’m pretty sure she’s partly bionic.

     Oh, something annoying — i’m pretty sure women come to the studio an hour beforehand to put mats down. It’s insane. i’ll get there a half hour early, thinking that that’ll be good to get a spot, and it’s already packed. Ridiculous. They need to knock out a wall and make those studios much bigger.

     i decided to try a new yoga class this week (tonight). Nothing against Tracy — she’s a good balance to have after D.S.P². Those two classes back2back are polar opposites – attitude wise. i think Tracy would fully encourage curling up in a ball in the corner, if that’s what made you feel good in her class. i want to see what else is out there for a standard yoga class and it may be real good to have the balance of pilates and yoga being broken up into more than just one day a week. We’ll see…


     So my pilates teacher is six months pregnant. She says that pilates makes the baby fall asleep and the hip hop class she teaches right before pilates, has her wide awake and active. i wish i could take a picture of my face here to show what i think of this because i’m at a loss for words… i’ll just say, i’m wicked impressed.

     Even though it’s only my second time doing this, i’m glad i started trying this whole pilates/yoga night. i know yoga is good for me, but i wouldn’t classify it under the “having fun” category. Pilates however, is a lot of fun! i don’t remember it being so before, but i’m guessing it’s because this particular class has the word “fusion” at the end of it. It works more to the beat of the music she plays — which, by the way, is pretty wonderful by my standards, if that means anything. :)  Within her mix (which i wish i had) she played Lauryn Hill AND Israel Kamikazi’wookiewhoa (k, so i’m lazy to look up the spelling to his last name and i know there’s no way i’d get close, so… i’ll correct that later… maybe). i got excited when Israel came on and a lady two spots over groaned, “this guy sure is butchering this song!” Psh.

     Anyhow, the class was great. i suck at pilates. My muscles just are not there yet, but i’m finding push-ups aren’t so hard anymore and my upper-body strength, in general seems to be getting mucho better. i’ll attribute that to both pilates and yoga. Plus, i have weak ankles, and i’m finding that yoga is helping me with that somehow.

     Last night, i slept like a rock. It. Felt. Ahmazing.


     last night marked my first go at that whole i’m-nuts-and-i’ll-stay-in-the-same-studio-for-two-hours deal. Actually, that doesn’t sound that nuts… i don’t think so anyway. Pilates, with the noticeably pregnant instructor was first, followed by yoga. This is my fourth week of yoga and i’m not really feeling it the next day anymore. i don’t know if that’s “good” or “bad” but, personally i’d like to to feel somethin’. Maybe that’d change if i took it more than just one day a week. Anyway, pilates…. it’s been a while since i’ve taken a pilates class. i think i tried it initially a while ago, when i had an injury that prohibited me from running. It kicked my butt back then aaand, it still does. If someday, i get pregnant, when i grow up, i wanna be like that instructor. i’m pretty sure she could hold plank for three times as long as i could… and i don’t have a human being growing in my stomach. ridiculous. i was shaking a bit by the end of the class and all my muscles were internally crying out (in 3-part harmony) “why”. The one big noticeable plus, was that my flexibility from the start of yoga was awesome. Because of that whole internal crying thing, it definitely made the class more challenging, in just trying to hold a pose for any length of time, which i s’pose is good since i guess i wanted more of challenge, in a way. And i even got a prime spot for the yoga class! i can’t know for sure if it was the spot i set my mat or the girl next to me, but some lady was not a happy camper to not get her normal place. i walked away for a minute to get a drink and when i came back, the girl next to me was actually considering giving up her mat placement so the disgruntled-lady could have it. psh.oh.please. Some women at the gym are so so very silly.

     So… i’m sincerely considering giving this pow-wow thing a more long-term consistent shot. It’s only one night… so why not? For the record, i definitely feel it today. Even the backs of my knees hurt… what is that called? Maybe eenk? My eenks are killin’ me. Oh! & i got my wiggity wack replacement card until the new one comes in. Apparently last night i used my words real well. Mom English professors would be proud. i only had to talk to one girl behind the desk this go around. It may have had something to do with the $5 i brought in with me tho…..

natural springs

yes(!), i made it to my third week of yoga. Statistics say (or so i’ve heard) that this is very close to (give or take a few days) the drop-off point of most standard resolutions made at the beginning of a new year. Given that i’m generally new to these resolution proclamations, my prediction is, the stats don’t matter. i made it early last night… mainly because i’ve lost my gym card and expected there would be  a little bit of paperwork to fill out. And here is where i’ll agree with some of my friends, the gym i go to (and have coerced some others that they should join too) is whack. From personal experiences i’ve had from the get-go, to some really odd stories from friends that have told me some crazy stuff that’s gone on with them… it’s officially whack. Clearly, i don’t care enough to stop my membership tho, so until the day i do, i’ll leave it that. WHACK.

i like their tuesday night yoga class tho. i kinda like that it’s packed and that it’s a healthy mix of ages and levels. The music is non-descript, which isn’t awful, but i don’t particularly love it either. Last night, the instructor walked in and said “i am in a very Beatles mood” and i got a little excited, but then she added on “but i didn’t bring any of that music with me”. Not nice. Not that i love the Beatles, but i do love something different than just hazy instrumental. Sigur Rós might be a good transition into something more?? Even though i’d only be able to do a half hour of it, i had it set in my mind that this morning i would wake up at 6 to do yoga with that Inhale show on Oxygen, but my mind was adamantly set on sleeping in til 6:30. That show has a good example of what i mean by “different” for music in a yoga class.

i’m considering Tuesday being a pilates/yoga pow-wow night. There’s a pilates class in the same studio right before yoga. This would not only guarantee me a good spot for the yoga class, but also would guarantee me one heck of a workout. The only downside is i might have to crawl to my car. If only my gym had a piggyback service…

As i’m silly enough to be writing about this, it’s in my mind that, only a few entries back i wrote specifically about Haiti (& obscurely i have kinda continued to). i went to a wedding this past Saturday. It was a good time and i can’t speak for everyone, but i was lost in the happiness of the moment of somethin’ really special goin’ down. People were dancing and laughing and celebrating… in a sense, life. Then a friend, who i haven’t seen in a long time, said something like, this is a good time. people are having a good time and that’s what this is all about right? A good time. i mean, who cares about Haiti. She was being sarcastic with that comment, but part of me was like *COME ON joykill* and another part was like *ohmygosh you’re right*. i don’t know her well enough to know which direction she truly leaned in or if she really is stuck in the middle …like me and how it’s maddening for life to go on spinning like normal when a major tragedy has been made publicly aware. i dunno. i think there has to be normalcy balanced in. There has to be the joy of a baby born somewhere, even when hundreds of thousands have died. Maybe there doesn’t “have” to be that, but what i mean is, thank God there is.

Y’know, the day after it had happened, as i wrote earlier,  i saw that news-report about the children being seemingly cold, blank and unaffected by the earthquake. Well, i heard more reports in the next few days on the radio, that i didn’t write about. i heard about people hearing kids (maybe adults too?) singing and the people who heard it thinking, now what on earth, right here, right now, is there to be joyfully singing about?? Hope is a strange & beautiful thing that surfaces in the most unlikely places. At the risk of coming off like a royal cynic, i can’t help but think, that the earth itself is one big unlikely place. So i think ultimately, decidedly (while it’s still a little bit strange) i will feel blessed by the “silly” things that i all-a-sudden have the privilege to write about or “good times”  or “laughter”. i s’pose they’re pretty much like joyous songs busting out (like natural springs!) in unlikely places. Seems like this is the best way to see it.


Dear Tracy, thank you for making space for me. You be my new yoga instructor…. for now.

So class tonight – i was late. i couldn’t find my gym card and then ran like a chicken with its head cut off drove safely to try to get my butt to the gym on time. i walked to the glass door of the class with my coat and boots still on & looked in with a sad face (i may have noticeably been pouting) at a packed class… which worked, cuz the instructor came out and asked me to come back. Not only did she welcome me back in, but she didn’t make me squeeze in at the front, but rather made room towards the back of the room saying, ‘i know it can be uncomfortable in the front. if it were me i’d go allll the way to the back every time’. Hello, bonus points for you Tracy. Not only was i late but she pretty much catered to sensitivities i hadn’t even spoke.

i understood why this class was packed. There wasn’t a move i felt even slightly uncomfortable in and everything felt so so so good. She made sure to voice what our correct posture should look like in a move because i always forget little things like holding in my belly or opening my frame in a certain direction. It matters. i can’t believe that i’d be more flexible from just having taken that class last week, so i’m gonna attribute it to the way she taught the moves. i walked outta there tonight so relaxed it was like trying to walk after being asleep for 8 hours. i’ll probably try out some other instructors and locations once i’m real comfy with the moves again, but for now… this will be a very good start to try sticking with.

first yoga class of 2010 is finito! i was afraid of it being too hard for me… aaaaand yeah, the headstand? i think not. i’ve never been in any yoga class that did a segue from a tripod into a headstand. Oh there was another move in there too where you’re in a tripod and then lift up your head to balance everything on your arms. Seriously? ha. i mean, i know these moves exist, but i’ve just never encountered them at the gym i go to. Aside from that and half moon (which i’ve never been able to do for some reason) and full bridge (which i haven’t done [for fun] since i was a little kid) it went okay. The instructor looked less than enthused or peaceful to be there and her music suh-uhcked, but the moves themselves, felt good.

that being said, i found out there’s a new thing goin’ down at this particular location — a “late” yoga class! i’ve never seen them offer a 7:30pm yoga class, so i’m looking forward to it. Next week, i will try out what they call their “moonlight yoga” class, with a different instructor. i’ll write about the moves i said uhhhm yeh i don’t think so to. &Hopefully that’ll lesson with time, if i’m good to stick with it.